Sunday, December 28, 2008


The Lowcountry is beautiful in the winter. I walked on the beach this morning and felt the tension run right out of my shoulders.
This is the marsh. Sullivan's Island is in the background.
Junior enjoys the sunshine. And obviously cat food.

I asked Santy Claus for Peace on Earth. He liked the idea.

This is the Old Bridge from Mt Pleasant to Sullivan's Island. It's now a walking park. Isn't it great?
Your troops at Ft. Jackson ( it's a training post) got to go home for Christmas. All 10,000 of them. They lined up for tickets for a month. Last Thursday, as the buses left out of the gate, four soldiers with horns played them off. They all look so young, probably because they are. It's only 100 miles away, so I get to come home to my loved ones often.
Time has been too tight for me this year. I've never spent six weeks away from home in my life! I realize the Greater Good is important, but so is my family. The work is important, but so is time. Eight years ago right now I was in the hospital, and I swore to a) not work so hard (on the deathbed it doesn't matter) and b) never to take the sun on my face for granted again. I have succeeded at b. I spent the morning outdoors. I'm planting bulbs in pots. It's so warm they may just bloom early. I can always bring them in if it's cold.
I have hope for the New Year. I hope that the troops all come home. I hope I can see my loved ones often. I hope I can enjoy my garden. I hope we all feel better. Happy New Year.

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k said...

I hope you get your wishes.