Sunday, December 28, 2008


The Lowcountry is beautiful in the winter. I walked on the beach this morning and felt the tension run right out of my shoulders.
This is the marsh. Sullivan's Island is in the background.
Junior enjoys the sunshine. And obviously cat food.

I asked Santy Claus for Peace on Earth. He liked the idea.

This is the Old Bridge from Mt Pleasant to Sullivan's Island. It's now a walking park. Isn't it great?
Your troops at Ft. Jackson ( it's a training post) got to go home for Christmas. All 10,000 of them. They lined up for tickets for a month. Last Thursday, as the buses left out of the gate, four soldiers with horns played them off. They all look so young, probably because they are. It's only 100 miles away, so I get to come home to my loved ones often.
Time has been too tight for me this year. I've never spent six weeks away from home in my life! I realize the Greater Good is important, but so is my family. The work is important, but so is time. Eight years ago right now I was in the hospital, and I swore to a) not work so hard (on the deathbed it doesn't matter) and b) never to take the sun on my face for granted again. I have succeeded at b. I spent the morning outdoors. I'm planting bulbs in pots. It's so warm they may just bloom early. I can always bring them in if it's cold.
I have hope for the New Year. I hope that the troops all come home. I hope I can see my loved ones often. I hope I can enjoy my garden. I hope we all feel better. Happy New Year.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Angie sez

I love it when Big Mama starts a project.

Monday, November 24, 2008

The Berkshires seem dreamlike on accounta....oops

But they did! I got to play in snow. The KR Retreat was awesome. I made some instant best friends. I learned a lot, and not just about knitting. I learned about life in other places-I love that. And I learned again about the power of human spirit, philosophy, and happiness. What a good time! OH, and I learned how to make cool doo-dads. That sweet Kathryn Alexander is one awesome woman.

On Sunday I left at O-Dark-Thirty to drive across the mountains (slowly-I did not want to run smack into a deer) to catch my plane. I got home just in time to participate in the Lowcountry Women's Book Signing. Authors included Anne Rivers Siddons, Sue Monk Kidd, the great Natalie Dupree. What an honor. Good grief.

And I met my distant relative (we think) Cathy Pickens. That's us at the top. I can't move the picture. I never presented as a skilled techo. She writes great books and her husband is from Enid! No way!
So Sunday was big. My eyeballs were rolling back into my head by suppertime. Too bad Momma Brown's was closed. Some barbeque would have hit the spot.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Life in Enid

I went across the US in 1993 with my friend Veedubya. I remember thinking that I wish I could spend time in non-tourist attraction places just to get to know people and see how they live. I just thought of that last week. I guess I got my wish.

People I've met here joke around about how littlle there is to "do". I'm enjoying that, because it doesn't seem that way to me. Just driving out into the plains is fascinating. I'm sure it gets old for the locals, but I just wonder what early people thought when they could see so far away.

The birds are different. A pheasant flew across the road in front of my car last week. I'm sure there are pheasants in SC, I just never saw them.

It rained hard last week, for three days. I was watching the kids walk home from the local school. None of them were in a hurry. And no one came to pick them up. They're just tough. In Mt P people would be in their SUVs picking up their little darlings. No judgment just different.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Here I am

So many things. I'm currently in Enid Oklahoma. Who knew? When I took this gig I was thinking Italy or maybe Hawaii. I got Ft. Bragg and Vance Air Force Base. Bragg is huge, soldiers coming and going daily. Thousands returned while I was there. Here, the base is small, with 30 currently deployed. I spend time at the children's centers supporting the families and the staff. I have met some Airmen that seriously need to go to Hollywood.

I drove out with a quick stop in Tupelo to see the birthplace of the King. It's kept up nice.
Oklahoma is beautiful in the windswept flat way I imagined. The roses here are amazing. Who knew?
When I initially arrived I was staying at a local no-tell motel that was uncomfortable, lous, and smelly. I did some research and landed at the Maple Place B&B. Now all is well. Peace, quiet, fabulous bed and I can walk around this nice friendly town. There's a dog show around the corner today, so, since I am missing my pets, I'll go there for a doggie fix. Then I'm going to the antique store for something prarie-ish to take home. Good weekend,

Thursday, August 07, 2008


Yes, we rescued a dog. I did the legwork and my good colleague Chad took him to his new foster home today. He could not be a better dog!

Friday, July 04, 2008

Hit Me With Your Best Shot

Yesterday I went to the Ft. Bragg Parade Grounds to watch festivity rehearsal. As I pulled up I heard the Army Rock And RollBand playing "Hit Me Wih Your Best Shot-Fire Away". Pat benatar would have been proud!

They also rehearsed the 1812 Overture with real cannons. What a blast!