Saturday, October 11, 2008

Here I am

So many things. I'm currently in Enid Oklahoma. Who knew? When I took this gig I was thinking Italy or maybe Hawaii. I got Ft. Bragg and Vance Air Force Base. Bragg is huge, soldiers coming and going daily. Thousands returned while I was there. Here, the base is small, with 30 currently deployed. I spend time at the children's centers supporting the families and the staff. I have met some Airmen that seriously need to go to Hollywood.

I drove out with a quick stop in Tupelo to see the birthplace of the King. It's kept up nice.
Oklahoma is beautiful in the windswept flat way I imagined. The roses here are amazing. Who knew?
When I initially arrived I was staying at a local no-tell motel that was uncomfortable, lous, and smelly. I did some research and landed at the Maple Place B&B. Now all is well. Peace, quiet, fabulous bed and I can walk around this nice friendly town. There's a dog show around the corner today, so, since I am missing my pets, I'll go there for a doggie fix. Then I'm going to the antique store for something prarie-ish to take home. Good weekend,


sallyjo said...

Well. I haven't been here for weeks, and here you are!
I worked with a guy from Oklahoma. He talked frequently about how beautiful it was. Maybe a little walkabout before you head home?

Sue said...


As you can see I've been out for months too. Just bizzy. I'm here til the end of Nov, then I hightail it home to vote byy the sea.

zippiknits said...

It's lovely, Sue, your new place.

And farmer's are growing things like Iris bulbs now, it parts of their fields. It's another online cash crop, for the ryzomes. They need those little extra crops. Maybe they are growing roses, too?