Monday, October 20, 2008

Life in Enid

I went across the US in 1993 with my friend Veedubya. I remember thinking that I wish I could spend time in non-tourist attraction places just to get to know people and see how they live. I just thought of that last week. I guess I got my wish.

People I've met here joke around about how littlle there is to "do". I'm enjoying that, because it doesn't seem that way to me. Just driving out into the plains is fascinating. I'm sure it gets old for the locals, but I just wonder what early people thought when they could see so far away.

The birds are different. A pheasant flew across the road in front of my car last week. I'm sure there are pheasants in SC, I just never saw them.

It rained hard last week, for three days. I was watching the kids walk home from the local school. None of them were in a hurry. And no one came to pick them up. They're just tough. In Mt P people would be in their SUVs picking up their little darlings. No judgment just different.

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sallyjo said...

So, Oklahoma is different, eh?
I've been trying that slow it down thing for a while now. It seems to be good.